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Panel: Practical Realities of Consulting

considering consulting

Looking for new opportunities? If you are considering consulting as a career learn about the practical realities of consulting. The recorded session below offers insights into what it takes to launch a consulting practice and persevere. This is intended for engineers and managers who are considering a change to consulting. The panel shares their personal […]

Advising military institute for adopting digital technology

My client is an international military school needing to implement technology to improve and deliver technical education training programs. My recommendations include implementation of LMS and state-of-the-art curriculum to enhance their current program offer. They also need to train and certify their faculty in the use and new teaching and learning technologies.

The Camera: It’s Not for Photos Anymore

Camera - It's not just for pictures anymore

Cameras – we all have them. They used to be for taking pictures. Now, they are all around us and not just for taking pictures anymore. The actual and the forecasted growth in number of cameras is phenomenal. Most of the growth will be for uses we do not think about. This on-line presentation discusses […]