Startup Concierge

Want to discuss a current startup challenge? Need help with fine tuning your business model? Is your positioning working?

The PATCA Startup Concierge is here to help

The PATCA Startup Concierge is a complimentary trial service offered by PATCA to startups that are grappling with the challenges of building a successful startup and a scalable business. The service enables entrepreneurs to submit a summary of a pressing business issue/challenge using an online form. On receipt of this form, we will schedule a follow up discovery session by phone. Based on the information gathered, a consultant on the Startup Concierge team will develop a written assessment that includes an analysis as well as some recommendations for decision making/course of action as relevant.

Take the Startup Concierge Questionnaire:

You can help us understand your startup and your current challenge to building a thriving successful business by completing the form below to the best of your ability. Your answers will also help us get a handle on where you are in terms of building your startup, understand your vision with respect to your product(s), customer(s), market(s), business model, your concerns as well as anticipated next steps. We understand how busy you are, so we've tried to stick with essential questions. We welcome your input at this important moment in building your business.

Feel free to input 'N/A' (not applicable) next to questions which you aren't able to or aren't interested in answering, or which are simply not applicable to your business. If you feel there is another qualified person in your organization to answer these questions, please let us know who to contact for that information.

Once you submit your input, we will contact you to schedule a follow up phone call to complete the discovery process. We will happily walk you through the following 'Startup Discovery Questionnaire' by phone if you prefer, or you can email any questions to

Startup Concierge
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