Step 3 – Reference Letters

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Ask each of your references to come to this webpage ( ) and fill out the online form shown below, one for each required reference, or if you prefer they can use this printable reference form.

Submit reference letters based on membership type:

  • Affiliate:  None required
  • Member:  Three professional references
  • CPC Certified Professional Consultant:  Three client references
  • Company:  Three client references

To submit a Reference for a Membership Candidate, please use the form below:

    * indicates required field

    Candidate for Membership *

    The applicant named above (check all that apply) *
    Performed consulting for my organizationWas an employee of my organizationIs a colleague with whom I have worked

    The task performed by the candidate was an activity described as:

    The candidate's performance was:*

    Please enter any comments you care to make concerning the applicant's suitability for membership in PATCA (OPTIONAL):

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