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How to Become an Independent Contractor

How to Become an Independent Contractor

Frustrated with the longer time it can take them to find new jobs, many older workers are thinking about setting themselves up as independent consultants . However, they don’t all realize that involves more than technical smarts: A lack of business and marketing acumen will doom even the most […] Click to view full article

Current State of Global Supply Chains 2021

Supply Chain

Briefing on the Current State of Global Supply Chains for Electronic Products By Michael Keer, founder & Managing Partner at Product Realization Group The supply chain disruptions initially fueled by the pandemic have only gotten more severe over the last several months. From disasters spurred by climate change such as the floods in Germany, to […]

PATCA Featured Consultant: Rena Ayeras

Réna Ayeras

Réna Ayeras is a long-time PATCA member and enjoys meeting new members. She is a technical writer with a technical background:  test, design, system integration.  Writing, editing, and occasional illustration are the expected skillsets of a technical writer. As with most other professions, the levels and range of responsibilities increase with years of experience. Having […]

Wearable Device Skin Patches that Stay Put by JoAnne Moody

JoAnne Moody

Wearable medical devices are skyrocketing based on sensor developments and remote monitoring by both consumers and medical professionals. FDA’s 2020 emergency regulations assigned reimbursement codes for telemedicine which provides incentives for wearable devices. Many new wearable devices use skin adhesive patches. Direct contact via a skin adhesive provides more accurate measurements of parameters such as […]

Google Workspace: Software Tools for Your Business

PATCA - Google Workspace Gabriella Laszlo

Recently Gabriella Laszlo explored common software tools you need as a consultant and how Google Workspace (Google’s cloud IT tools; formerly G Suite) can fit those needs. She shared best practices for Google Workspace with our group. Topics she covered: Software tools you need as a consultant Cost-effective and easy-to-use software tools from Google (communication […]

Looking for a consultant or freelancer?

Superhero Post-a-Project

PATCA has an easy way to expand your network – POST-A-PROJECT that will send your request out to its network of experts. Submit a project Our network of experts include: Embedded controller design Project management Data analytics Hardware design (analog, mixed-signal digital) design Optical design Machine vision systems Microcontroller design Coding and software development Embedded […]

Connecting with People through Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral Analysis

Talk is cheap. Everybody does it. The question is, how can you make your words matter and influence the outcome? How can you really connect with others? What if you could tap into your greatest motivations and dramatically improve relationships and accelerate your results? When you genuinely connect with others – one-on-one, in groups, or […]

5 Top Things to Track in Google Analytics

Google Analytics

    Steven Graff takes us through a basic overview of getting the most out of Google Analytics and the top five things to track in Google Analytics beyond the vanity metrics of visitors, pageviews, and sessions. About the Speaker: Steven Graff – Director of Optimization Over the last three decades, Steven’s worn just about […]

3D Printing PCB Boards in your Lab

Voltera 3D PCB printer

See the future of electronic circuit fabrication at your desktop with the new line of PCB Printers. Just like a 3D Printer, the small circuit printers allows you to prototype in minutes instead of days. Roy Perez from Voltera host a show and tell session for our members – prototyping on your desktop.