Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering Maximizes Networking

Volunteering is your networking nexus. There is no better way to build credibility, expand your visibility, and enhance your marketing efforts. PATCA offers you a number of opportunities to utilize your skills and expertise for the benefit of your colleagues—and your own consulting business.

If you would like to volunteer, contact the PATCA Administrator – admin@patca.org

  • Committees. Members PATCA Committees help shape the direction of our association and keep PATCA on the expert edge, as the premier organization for consulting professionals. PATCA committees offer you the chance to contribute to the organization, collaboratively with your peers. Serving on PATCA committees has provided new skills, informal mentoring, extended networking, learning opportunities and referral generation for active volunteers. We need your insight, volunteeringknowledge, fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Please review the list of Committees for the best fit with your background and interests, and get in touch with the Committee Chair.
  • Programs committee. Help organize dinner meetings and education seminars. Great networking opportunity!
  • Marketing Committee. Learn more about marketing to help your own practice. Have a hand in creating our marketing.
  • Legislative Committee. Monitor proposed legislation in Sacramento and Washington that may affect PATCA members. You could be the catalyst for mobilizing against unfriendly legislation.
  • Board of Directors. The ultimate networking opportunity. Election is in March. There are nine seats on the PATCA Board of Directors, four of whom are Officers. The new Board appoints new Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) each April. Board terms are two years, with a limit of three consecutive terms.
  • Speakers’ Bureau. Being available to make topical, timely presentations to businesses and organizations helps position you as an expert to the community. Giving a talk in your area of expertise is more proactive than press releases and advertising, because it brings you face-to-face with potential clients. A business that needs precisely what you offer may not know a consultant is the solution to their problem—until they hear you speak.
  • Ambassador Program. Spread Goodwill, Gain Visibility for Your Business, and Support PATCA’s Membership. Ambassadors are volunteer PATCA members who make visits to targeted Bay Area companies – meeting specifically with managers who hire consultants, “C” level executives, and Human Resource Managers. You will represent PATCA and introduce the Post-A-Project Referral service, but you may also have an opportunity to discuss your own consulting services. You’ll be provided with a list of people to contact: their name, company name, address, and phone number. Interested in becoming a PATCA Ambassador or learning more about the program?
  • PATCA Blog. Volunteer to administer future PATCA Blog. Learn the newest marketing techniques.
  • Web Expert. Help with maintenance of the PATCA web site.
  • PATCA Lunch. Start a PATCA Lunch program in a new area..This is a great networking opportunity!
  • Newsletter. Write articles for the newsletter. Become an expert!