Managed by Member Committees

To ensure the highest level of quality service delivery to both member consultants and client companies, PATCA has developed ten distinct committees that oversee specific areas of focus. For your information and ease of use, PATCA committees are described below, in alphabetical order.

If you would like to volunteer as a committee member, just let us know!

Strategic Alliance Initiative

Chairperson: Kripa Nithya

With the objective to introduce PATCA to key players in the local startup ecosystem. Overall, seeking to build relationship and engagement with this key sector in our economy.

Benefits (ad-hoc)

Identifies and reviews potential benefits that can be offered to PATCA members. The Benefits Committee also works closely with the PATCA Board of Directors (BOD) and PATCA office management staff to ensure compliance with PATCA general policies.

Website Committee

Webmaster: Larry Polyak

Works with the PATCA Board of Directors, PATCA Executive Director and associated committees to produce and maintain an effective PATCA Internet presence for the benefit of both members and clients, in accordance with PATCA’s mission and goals.

Legislative Committee (ad-hoc)

Chairperson: James Lansing

Regularly monitors legislative reports and issues in four general categories:

  • Independent contractors
  • Taxation
  • Technology products
  • License regulations

In general, the efforts of the Committee are 90% defensive.

On the most important issues, the Committee prepares formal written position statements that they submit to the PATCA Board of Directors for approval.

Marketing, Social Media, and Public Relations Committees

Marketing and PR Chairperson: Open

Newsletter Coordinators: Open

Social Media Coordinator: Open

Works with the PATCA Board of Directors, office staff and other PATCA committees to communicate messages to the community at large that are consistent with PATCA’s mission and goals. This target community consists of current PATCA members and clients, as well as prospective members and clients.

As such, the Committee:

  • Sets the policy and direction for outgoing PATCA messages as directed by the BOD.
  • Sets policy for measuring the effectiveness of such messages, consistent with PATCA’s mission and goals, and the committees and individuals with which it works.
  • Works with other committees and parties to create consistent and effective messages, without hindering the day-to-day work of these committees andparties.
  • Helps coordinate expenditures to ensure that PATCA messages are delivered in a fiscally sound and prudent manner.

Membership Committee

Chairperson: Open

Prospects Coordinator: Open

Membership Applications: Keith Riordan and Carl Angotti

Works with the PATCA Board of Directors, office management staff and associated PATCA committees to increase new membership applications, guide new members through the application process, and retain current members.

At the same time, the Committee will set policy, as delegated by the BOD, to measure the effectiveness of member attraction and retention, consistent with PATCA’s mission and goals as well as those of the committees and individuals with which it works.

PATCA Lunches

South Bay Coordinator: Joel Williams
East Bay Coordinator: Open

PATCA Lunches are monthly meetings for PATCA members designed to offer member-to-member networking with other consultants, discussion of business topics, and the issues and challenges of running a successful consulting practice.

Program Committee

Chairperson: Jerry Rice

Assistant: Carl Angotti

Plans, arranges and produces all regularly scheduled meetings for the general membership.

These membership meetings include:

  •  Monthly dinner meetings featuring a guest speaker or other program of value and interest to the membership;
  •  An annual PATCA business meeting, held in March;
  •  Social event meetings and mixers, for networking with prospective clients and other consultants.

Ethics and Client Satisfaction Committee

Chair: Ron Bader

The Ethics and Client Satisfaction Committee addresses issues related to the written PATCA Code of Ethics, by which all PATCA members agree to abide.  The PATCA Code of Ethics is displayed on the PATCA website for member and public edification.  In the event a member has a question regarding how to ethically handle a situation they can turn to the PATCA  Ethics and  Client Satisfaction  Committee for advice and counsel.  In the unlikely event an ethics related complaint is lodged against a PATCA member by either another member or a client, it is the responsibility of the committee to  investigate the matter, try to resolve the issue satisfactorily by informal mediation between the parties and if merited by the facts make recommendations to the PATCA board regarding sanctions or expulsion of the member.

Strategy Committee

Chair: Perry West

With the objective to define PATCA’s strategy, or direction, and make suggestions to the Board of Directions on allocating iresources to pursue strategies while understanding PATCA’s vision, mission, and values.

Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinator: James Lansing

Coordinates member volunteer opportunities and participation within PATCA.