Case Study: Healthcare Facility

Integrated Healthcare Facility

Licensed as a full hospital, Sanoviv Medical Institute is a fully integrated healthcare facility that provides alternative, allopathic and cosmetic procedures, as well as research and development.


Situated on a pristine ecological site in Baja California, Sanoviv provides a comfortable and clean environment, where guests receive functional medical therapies to invigorate their immune systems and achieve wellness. Dr. Myron Wentz initiated the project in 1997, and in 1998 a PATCA consultant was invited to join the project team to manage the systems, technology, operational and medical protocol and modality related aspects of the hospital’s development.

PATCA Consultant Role & Value

The PATCA Consultant’s Integrative Strategy approach to this project united a variety of specific roles and responsibilities under an organization-wide perspective. The primary objective was to engender a united organizational community, connecting individual ‘Personal Visions’ to the collective ‘Common Vision’ for the Center. In turn, this would facilitate a flat, collaborative and patient-centric structure.

The specific responsibility areas for Operational Consulting and Implementation Support included:

Sourcing, evaluating and procuring medical equipment for the MedSpa, alternative, and allopathic therapies that would be offered at the Institute, Supporting the Construction Project Team in the re-development of the existing structures on the property as well as the construction of a new tower and additional medical facilities, Identification, evaluation and selection of professional staff, and Assistance in the development of the initial health protocols, operational procedures and staff training – both inside the facility and through third party contractors.

The project’s highly complex operational requirements – including diverse responsibilities of individual staff, and a distinctive approach that gives them freedom to demonstrate their individual expertise by stepping temporarily into traditionally ‘senior’ roles on an ad hoc basis – compounded the challenge of launching a new organization.


This complex project was initially planned for a two-year engagement; however, the PATCA Consultant’s team successfully brought it to conclusion a full six months ahead of the initial April 2000 target date.