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Facts at a Glance

PATCA is the oldest professional, nonprofit consulting association in Silicon Valley.

Founded in 1975 by Dennis Paul and Roger Dorr, PATCA was the first association of professional consultants in Silicon Valley. We pioneered new ways of networking and crafted innovative marketing strategies that have enhanced business for its members. Now the premier organization for consulting professionals nationwide, PATCA has grown to become a respected referral source for business and technology hiring managers in more than 200 industries, serving clients throughout the U.S. and around the world.

A driving force in the evolution of the expert consulting career model, PATCA defines the quality standard for the consulting industry. As a community business resource, PATCA provides direct access to a network of the highest caliber business and technical consultants in a wide range of disciplines, from engineering to marketing, e-business to patent law. PATCA consultants develop and deliver exceptional, effective solutions for a global clientele. Our members are recognized for their professionalism, integrity, objectivity and competence.

Current Officers

Current officers, board members and staff, are listed on the Current Officers Page.

PATCA Membership Profile

The majority of PATCA’s high caliber consultants offer:

  • 10+ years experience in their industry
  • A background in senior management
  • An advanced degree
  • Start-up expertise
  • Experience with Fortune 500 companies

We Help Companies Find Expert Consultants

  • Comprehensive, free “Post a Project” referral service to help companies locate a PATCA consultant who precisely fits their specific requirements
  • Searchable online consultant database
  • Print directory of PATCA members
  • Expert guidance in selecting and working with consultants
  • Speakers’ Bureau: topical, timely talks for your next meeting or event
  • Special events to meet and network with PATCA consultants

We Help Consultants Reach New Clients and Improve their Business

  • Speakers’ Bureau
  • Active schedule of events, including monthly networking meetings and education programs
  • Mentor program and Kickstart Club to accelerate the learning curve for new consultants
  • Marketing exposure via detailed Member Directory profile
  • Legislative updates

Member-to-member communications for e-mail networking, collaboration and information sharing

Media Contact

Tonia Forbus
PATCA Executive Director
P.O. Box 2261
Santa Clara, CA 95055