Apply for Membership

Welcome to PATCA!  As the oldest national association of its kind, PATCA helped define ethical standards for the consulting industry. Now, as a member of PATCA, you will have unique opportunities to connect with prospective clients and other experienced professionals who consult at the expert edge. 
See full details of membership categories here.

To join PATCA, there are three basic steps:

STEP 1 -> Submit an application form.
STEP 2 -> Pay the application fee:

  • Affiliate:  $50
  • Member:  $150
  • CPC Certified Professional Consultant: :  $150
  • Company:  $300

STEP 3 -> Submit reference letters as follows:

  • Affiliate:  None required
  • Member:  Three professional references
  • CPC Certified Professional Consultant:  Three client references
  • Company:  Six client references

Once we receive your application form and fee, you will be given a limited website profile with Affiliate status, login id and password in approximately 2-3 business days.  For membership categories above Affiliate, the Membership Committee will review your application and your reference letters. Upon approval, your member grade and website profile will be upgraded as appropriate. IMPORTANT NOTE: If reference letters are not received or if qualifications are not met, you will remain at a lower membership status.  NO REFUNDS will be given.