Profile Checklist

Checklist and tips for completing your PATCA profile:

  • Make your “Short Bio” attention getting.  This is what people will see when looking at the members directory, or if your profile comes up in a members search.
  • Use the rich editor in when editing your “Long Bio” to add effects such as BOLD, Italics, bullet lists, or even COLOR   Note:  the long bio is only available for members above the Affiliate level. 
  • Upload a profile picture.  If you don’t want to use a picture of yourself, you might want to use your company logo.  A squarish logo works better here.
  • Upload a company logo.  It will be re-sized to fit the width available.  A rectangular logo works best. If your logo is just a stylized version of your company name, you way want to turn visibility off for your company name so it is not repeated (it will still show up in the members directory).
  • Keywords, Keywords, Keywords.  Add some keywords in the keywords field!  These will not be displayed anywhere, but will cause your profile to show up in a search for any of those keywords.
  • Add your Education and any Awards or Certifications in the separate fields provided  This is the place to brag!  Note:  this info is only displayed for members above the Affiliate level.
  • Do a search of members and make sure your profile shows up for all the terms you want it to.  If not, update your bio or keywords.
  • Add some common misspelled versions of your name or specialties to your keyword list to make it easier for people to find you. For example, Polyack for Larry Polyak, Reardon for Keith Riordon.

Note: Affiliate member profiles and limited to name, address and short bio.  However, information contained in other fields such as keywords, long bio, and education will still be used in search results.

 On your own website:

  • Remember to identify yourself as a PATCA member and provide a link back to either or your own profile at  where xxxx = your first initial and last name
  • All PATCA members regardless of membership grade may use the PATCA logo on their own site.
  • If you are a PATCA Certified Professional Consultant or Senior Certified Professional Consultant, you may also use the corresponding logo.  All logos are available at Members -> Download PATCA logos