7 Reasons to Join PATCA

reason_1a1) Credibility

Being a member of a professional consulting association offers instant credibility. PATCA is different from other similar organizations in that it actually screens new member applicants against their past clients. You’ll also get your own <yourname>@patca.org email address.  Much better than using something like yahoo or hotmail for your business!

reason_1a2) Visibility

PATCA offers members a multiplier marketing effect with their listing on the PATCA website where web crawlers search out the keywords you have entered. In addition, ample networking opportunities are available to help spread the message about your services.

reason_1a3) Cross Collaboration

As PATCA is a mix of consultants from different disciplines, members have the opportunity to ask questions in areas outside their specialty, such as legal questions, technical questions, marketing questions, etc.  Chances are you’ll find an answer among our members.

reason_1a4) Education and Training

PATCA provides ongoing technical speakers at meetings, mentoring, and occasional training classes for new consultants – learning that would cost far more elsewhere when you can find it.

reason_1a5) Venue for Leads

PATCA has a referral program for soliciting qualified job leads and passing them on to the membership for response. These leads readily pay for membership when obtained.

reason_1a6) Referral Resource

With PATCA’s member directory as well as personal contacts developed through membership, a consultant can find additional consulting skills needed on a client’s project and feel confident in meeting or exceeding the client’s requirements.

reason_1a7) Tax benefits

Membership dues can be written off on Schedule C, dinner meetings written off by 50%, and travel to PATCA meetings written off under Vehicle Expense. Such expenses become evidence to the IRS of your consultancy being a legitimate, on-going business.

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