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PATCA consultants have been serving Silicon Valley startups since our founding in 1975. Our consultants being startups in their own right, bring their skills and expertise, with their unique understanding of the startup milieu and culture. Jump right to the questionnaire here.

The Startup Concierge is PATCA’s newest complimentary offering for the startup community. An online form that allows startups to submit their business challenges and have a seasoned consultant follow up with a discovery phone call, allows PATCA to respond to the startup with an assessment offering an analysis of the challenge and a recommended course of action.

For those startups who are looking to staff a project, PATCA’s Post-a-Project which is available free to businesses is a great way to get started. PATCA consultants who are interested and qualified respond to these published projects, allowing startups a great way to access talent.

For startups looking to review a consultant data base before selecting a consultant, searching PATCA’s Consultant Directory is a great way to find expertise that fits their need.

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Working with Consultants

This section offers advice on selecting and working effectively with consultants

Case Studies:

  1. Brew Pub and Restaurant Startup
  2. Integrated Healthcare Facility.
  3. International Expansion of Health & Nutrition Company.

Take the Startup Concierge Questionnaire:

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