PATCA Consulting Rate Surveys

From the 2020 Survey INTRODUCTION:

This report presents data obtained from an online survey completed in September 2020 by members of PATCA, as well as some members of the IEEE Consultants Network of Silicon Valley, the Kimberly Weifling Consulting Collaboratory, Women in Consulting (WIC) and Golden Gate Consultants.

Respondents were asked to report information for the one year period from July 2019 through the end of July 2020. Completed responses to the survey were received from 115 members of the combined groups mentioned above.

The first section of this report presents data about various impacts of the Covid-19 Shutdown on the consulting business. All of this data was obtained directly from the Google Forms website. The second section focuses on rates and how they vary depending on the type of consulting and a few other factors. This data was computed from an Excel spreadsheet using its cross-tabulation and graphing capabilities.

2020 Survey Table of Contents
I. What is PATCA
II. Introduction
III. Questions Related to the Recent Covid-19 Virus Shutdown
     A. Was your business impacted by the shutdown?
     B. Have your clients been impacted by the Shutdown?
     C. Has your income changed during the shutdown?
     D. Have you altered your marketing approach since the shutdown began?
     E. Have you changed your rates since the shutdown began?
IV. Rates and Hours by Consultants doing Non-Legal Related Work
     F. Types of Non-Legal Related Consulting Responses
     G. Responses vs Rate per Hour of all Persons doing Non-Legal Related Consulting
     H. Responses vs Hours Billed for Non-Legal Consulting
     I. Rate per Hour vs Type of Non-Legal Consulting
     J. Number of Hours invoiced vs Type of Non-Legal Consulting
V. Rates and Hours by Consultants doing Legal Related work
VI. Review of Gross Incomes for both Non-Legal Related and Legal Related Consultants.
VII. Acknowledgments

2018 Survey Table of Contents
I What is PATCA
II Introduction
III Responding Consultant’s Profiles
     A Average Number of Years of Experience
     B Average Total Years of Consulting Experience
     C Highest Educational Degree Received
     D Primary Geographical Area Served
     E Number of Clients
     F Number of Hours
     G % of Time Consultants Billed on Average vs Industry Served
     H Consulting Specialties
         1 Types of consulting services provided
         2 Legal Focused Consulting
     I Consulting Business Practices
         1 Billing Style
         2 Project Assessments Billing
         3 Charging clients for travel time
         4 Percentage of your hourly rate charged for travel time
         5 Rate variation with project duration
     J Use of Consultants
IV Consulting Billing Rates
     K Consulting rates per hour
     L Rate per hour vs Type of Full Time Consulting
     M Responses vs Geographic Area Served vs Rate per Hour
     N Responses vs Education vs Rate per hour for Non-Legal Focused Consultants
     O Rate per hour vs #Hours Billed per year
     P Rates for Non-Legal Based Consulting vs Level of Experience
     Q Rates for Legal Based Consulting vs Level of Experience
V Acknowledgments

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