PATCA Featured Consultant: Rena Ayeras

Réna AyerasRéna Ayeras is a long-time PATCA member and enjoys meeting new members. She is a technical writer with a technical background:  test, design, system integration.  Writing, editing, and occasional illustration are the expected skillsets of a technical writer. As with most other professions, the levels and range of responsibilities increase with years of experience. Having the technical background of test, design, system integration, and management, Rena can take on a variety of projects large or small.

Content Management

“One project was part of the development and standardization for a short-range wireless infrastructure – an advancement of IEEE 802.11ad. There were six active teams, about 300 people total. Via editing and writing new material, Rena interacted with about half of the team members. With specific questions, interviews and meetings, she regularly interacted directly with about 20% of the people involved. Key points of this large-scale project:

  • Reorganized and restructured the internal documentation library with the available tools
  • Recognized the need for more detailed release notes – defined the requirements, organized a team, and met weekly to ensure the external partners would receive the information they needed
  • With her consistent editing and formatting, writing standards organically developed

Small and Important

With the help of another PATCA member, Jean-Pierre Sainfeld, Rena Ayeras quickly provided an article for a long-term client. Normally, Rena pulls dialogs from the ticket system and creates blogs for a technical audience. However, a different method was quickly needed because access to the ticket system was temporarily unavailable. Fortunately, the client was aware of this opportunity of this article, and was happy to publish the story. For marketing – releasing the product on time, current stories relevant to their technical products, is imperative.