Video available for Sean Murphy on Lead Generation

Sean Murphy and Theresa Shafer share a variety of proven marketing techniques for growing your business. In the video below, they talk about building awareness and getting exposure to attract and sell your expertise, services, and products.

They explored the techniques for those times when you have less billable work, and also the techniques for when there is more client work and less time to work on avoiding a future dry spell.

Lead Generation for Consultants

Closing Chat from the Attendees:

Carl: Great summary of well known and good techniques.
Susie: I liked the idea of quarterly newsletters instead of feeling the need to commit to monthly
Ashish: I like bit about proposals – I will remember.
Priyanka: so many good suggestions.
Anat: I really am digesting and thinking. Thank you!
Susie: Thank you!!
Robin: I did Sean’s program a few years ago and it was great!! VERY useful!
PL: Thank you Sean and Theresa.
Cedrick: Thank you Sean and Theresa!!
Robin: Sean and Theresa have made us money 🙂
Carl: I’d like the list of 100 techniques.

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