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How PATCA Consultants Win With Video


by Paul Scott Information Research and Technical Writing (650) 400-5667 Video is the coming thing in web marketing, for solid, practical reasons. It helps with SEO: putting video on your site raises your Google page rank. Video helps you with the “know, like, trust” factors that are especially critical for consultants. A video can […]

Life, by subscription

Life, by subscription

The American dream is no longer for sale — but it is for rent. We are slowly going through a subtle shift in how the economy is owned and operated, with massive implications. On an average day, you may wake up, shower, dress, drive to work and return home. But the way you do it […]

Asia’s mobile-first economy

Asia’s mobile-first economy and how the West is feeling the effects

Asia Pacific leads the global digital infrastructure as home to half of the world’s mobile phone subscribers and the largest number of wireless Internet connections. However, the region also has historically attracted less than one-third of global mobile marketing spend — making its role in the digital economy largely underrepresented amongst its Western counterparts. The […]

Ad Industry Eyeballs Spectre Of Mobile Ad Blocking

Fear, Loathing And Opportunity On Display As Ad Industry Eyeballs Spectre Of Mobile Ad Blocking

A fractious MWC16 panel on mobile ads brought several executives from the ad industry side plus ad behemoth Google face-to-face with what might be their worst nightmare: network-level mobile ad blocking. The drama played out in front of a packed auditorium of conference delegates, with the ad industry’s nemesis represented on stage by Roi Carthy, […]

4 Hard Truths About Your Marketing Strategy

4 Hard Truths About Your Marketing Strategy

Regardless of what form your firm’s marketing takes–be it through face-to-face contacts, on-line, or a combination…(Join Bruce La Fetra leading PATCA in “Take Back Your Market From Creeping Commodization” Thursday 3/10/16 6PM Meetup ) of the two–much of the time, money and other resources firms put into their marketing creates little or no benefit in the form of additional […]

Profit From A Profile On AngelList

Profit From A Profile On AngelList

Evan Loomis is the president of Clarion and vice president of strategy at Corinthian Health Services. Previously, he co-founded home improvement store TreeHouse and national angel investment group Wedgwood Circle.  At a basic level, AngelList is the LinkedIn for startups; it’s a directory for finding and researching great startups. Many of the biggest seed venture […]

Mad Men & The Ultimate Ad

The Ultimate Ad

If Mad Men is to be believed, the difference between a successful brand and a failure is the perfect ad: one witty line, the perfect image; an overall feeling that captures and captivates the target audience and converts them into customers. The world hasn’t changed that much since the Mad Men days (though we’re thankful […]

21 Keys To Maximize Your Website In 2016

21 Keys To Maximizing Your Site’s Visibility In 2016

21 keys to improve search rankings in 2016 Twenty years ago, the fact that you had a website was enough. People would come for the novelty. Ten years ago, it became tougher to attract visitors. But it was still easy if you knew how to build a mass of incoming links. Today, competition for visibility […]