Can a “Super Flat” Organizational Structure work in High Tech?

There is a movement today to improve productivity and the work environment for employees using a uniquely different approach to management. One of the most visible of these is “Zappos” (See, the shoe sales company. In this approach, the organization chart is essentially eliminated, making it “Super Flat”. This, in some ways, is an extreme of the “Empowering Employees” of an earlier era. This approach is also called creating a “Holocratic” organization.

This talk explores this unique and interesting approach to improve High Tech Organizations especially in areas like rapid product development, or rapid response to market changes.

How does it work at Zappos?

  • Are there special circumstances at Zappos that might make it a special case?
  • How has the approach worked for Zappos? Pros and Cons.
  • How might it work in a High Tech Company?
  • What is the closest approach any of us knows that is being used at a real High Tech Organization?
  • How does this approach vary from other “productivity improvement” methods?
  • Many other ideas about such a way to organize

About speaker:

Carl Angotti, of Angotti Product Development, is past PATCA president, long time High Tech consultant and member. He is still actively consulting in the area of Hardware product development and managing such projects. Carl has been interested in advanced management approaches for many years. He holds a BSEE from Carnegie-Mellon University, an MSEE from the University of Southern Calif. and an MBA from San Jose State University. He is also a California Registered Professional Engineer.