An Overview of the Development of a PCB Functional Tester

The development of a Functional Production Tester differs dramatically from the development of a Production engineering design project. This video focuses on the development of such a tester, and how it is accomplished. It also includes some of the tradeoffs required to create a usable, and cost-effective design.

  1. How does a project for developing a Functional Tester differ from a product development of an engineering design one?
  2. What are the General Types of Testing that need to be done?
  3. What are the various types of testers?
  4. What are the Economics of Testing?
  5. What is UUT (Unit Under Test) Pretesting?
  6. What are the High-Level Tester architecture parameters?
  7. What Kinds of Test Procedures are there?

A short video snippet on a methodology that assists managers assess what type of tester to build.

Full recorded webinar on Development of a PCB Functional Tester

About the Speaker

Carl Angotti is President of Angotti Product Development. He has been developing electronics-based hardware design projects for many years. Recently, these have been utilizing embedded controllers. His designs also include Analog, Digital and mechanical based circuit interfaces. He often manages larger projects to include other skilled consultants in his designs.

In addition, he has also had considerable experience developing Testers for use in testing for the Medical, Industrial and Consumer markets.

Carl is a past President and Board Member of PATCA, and has been heavily involved in volunteer efforts for PATCA for many years.