What Should I Post to LinkedIn?

I often hear the question, “What should I post to LinkedIn?” Here are ten ideas that consultants might share on LinkedIn.

Although LinkedIn isn’t the largest of all social media networks, it’s highly trusted and therefore it’s a big opportunity for you to bolster your standing as an expert in your field. LinkedIn is a business-to-business platform whose users are actively looking for consultants and this makes it an ideal platform for sharing project-based case studies, reports, videos, and whitepapers. LinkedIn is a great way to increase your reach and build brand awareness.

Topics for consultants include:

  1. Ask for a referral. See this article for an example
  2. Announce a recent project or new skill
  3. Announce a strategic partnership or alliance
  4. Issuing a statement on a hot issue
  5. New client acquisition
  6. Holding a webinar, seminar or workshop
  7. Availability of white paper, article, or video
  8. Company revenue, sales, or profit
  9. Announcement of a special offer
  10. Participation in local event or trade show
  11. Winning an award

I have seen excellent results (increased SEO, direct sales inquiries) from a LinkedIn post. Videos and visual images are a great way to show off a recent project. Even when you have an NDA about mentioning the company you are working for, there are ways to talk about the type of problem that you’ve solved and a screenshot that can be shared without disclosing any confidential information. 

A compelling title and first sentence are critical. Also, it’s more compelling to include a quote from a third party (typically a customer) who can validate/substantiate one or more of the statements you are making. It is important to share content that offers real value to businesses in your industry. 

One final tip, content goes away on LinkedIn so also be sure to post it to your website.

Just a bit about myself, I am a consultant at SKMurphy, Inc., and I help early-stage entrepreneurs and consultants find more customers. I enjoy being hands-on with cost-effective lead generation. I am a hardware engineer and a mom, so I have a do-it/done methodology.