Russell Brand: Having your Contribution Properly Valued – PATCA Webinar

Russell Brand will share his experiences in creating better stories for early stage companies to enable them to attract funding & customers and how this is applied to consulting practice.This was the topic of the first chapter of Amazon Best Seller Turning Ideas Into Impact: Insights from 16 Silicon Valley Consultants. Russell Brand has founded three successful businesses including Responsible Solutions Limited whose consulting practices have saved the US Taxpayer more than a quarter Billion Dollars.

Focusing on Value Delivered

There are an infinity of jokes with a punch line of “1 dollar to swing the hammer and a $999,999 to know where to hit it.” It is sad that we don’t even do that well in explaining our value. That is still a focus on cost and not the 100x that of loss averted. After an overview of value-orientation pricing stories, Russell will invite the group to help create better stories for themselves and each other.

About the Speaker

Russell Brand is the director of business development at Eliaz Therapeutics where the initial application of their blood filter is expected to prevent 2,000 ICU deaths per day. He is a global entrepreneur in residence for Founder Institute where hundreds of companies each year use his stories to get customers, investors, and employees. He directs Quiet Candor and Kind Word projects.