Panel: Practical Realities of Consulting

Looking for new opportunities? If you are considering consulting as a career learn about the practical realities of consulting.

The recorded session below offers insights into what it takes to launch a consulting practice and persevere. This is intended for engineers and managers who are considering a change to consulting. The panel shares their personal experience and their view on the current conditions for engineering teams in Silicon Valley.

Key Take-aways

  • Getting started, what it takes
  • How to explore where to focus your practice
  • Learning how to market and sell your services

PATCA Panel:
The Professional and Technical Consultants Association (PATCA) is Silicon Valley’s most prestigious consulting organization dedicated to serving independent consultants and the client companies that use them.

  • Chris Hansen, PATCA President and founder of Covariant Corporation
    • 20 years of experience in analysis and design of wireless communication systems, signal processing, integrated circuits, and international standards. Named inventor on over 100 issued patents.
  • Omar Fahmi Khalid, Consultant at Vortex Innovation Labs LLC
    • 20 years of experience in software development. He is a full-stack consultant fluent in Golang, Python, C++, and Javascript.
  • Perry West Consultant at Automated Vision Systems, Inc
    • Machine vision specialist working with system architecture, lighting and optics design, imaging design, and software design.
  • Jerry Rice Consultant at FabNexus
    • Software development consultant for motor, thermal, fluids, optics, and signal control. Sensors and wireless networks.
  • Rafa Baca, Esq., at
    • Data scientist and lawyer who has written extensively on CS & Data Consulting in the legal field. Rafa is currently leading the charge for legal consulting credentials for Software Professionals in the State of California.