PATCA Featured Consultant: Omar Fahmi Khalid


Omar KhalidOmar Fahmi Khalid

Company: Vortex Innovation Labs LLC located in Dublin CA

Omar Fahmi Khalid provides cloud-native microservice architecture and development consulting for infrastructure servicing machine learning and intelligent systems. He has been a professional software developer for twenty years, an independent consultant for the last ten, and has been a PATCA member since 2011.

He is a full-stack software developer specializing in architecting and implementing scalable distributed cloud-native microservices. He is fluent in Golang, C++, C, Python, Javascript, various applications, network protocols, cloud-native, and machine learning stacks. He has a deep understanding of Linux and Windows operating system architecture.

He had previous experience developing network management (NMS) and network security systems (IDS and IPS). He was an early developer of OpenStack and helped build a network virtualization module for a Silicon Valley multinational technology company. Omar had also provided consulting on services focusing on OpenStack Nova and Neutron for several fortune 500 companies in the early days of OpenStack adoption.

He often works with data-science departments providing solutions in developing platforms enabling, managing, pipelining, and integrating machine learning ecosystems. Recently he implemented a cloud-native microservice infrastructure for a search and recommendation platform of a large Fortune 500 semiconductor company. (

He also recently consulted for a large Silicon Valley networking company, designing and implementing a microservice architecture that was stable, scalable, and extensible. His solution resulted in a 300% increase in the overall system performance without needing any budget increase for cloud resources. (

Omar also has developed a novel high touch cloud-based parental control system for Microsoft Windows devices, providing parents and children with a solution for a safe and productive internet experience (