Optimizing Projects’ Outcome to Succeed

Statistics indicate over 60% of all projects fail to meet their planned objectives. Even though Agile frameworks and collaborative teams help organizations to boost their projects’ health, rigid processes along with (established) cultural factors still dampen PM leaders’ efforts! This is true on any size of the project and at almost any organization. Even though larger and well-established organizations are suffering the most from this imposter syndrome, despite retraining their mid-level PMs and loyal talents!

David Bakhtnia strives to enhance this tedious process by applying any scientific approach (such as mathematical modeling, Theory of Constraints, n-Space System optimizations, etc.) as well as human factors (such as Emotional Intelligence, Empathy Mapping, etc.), and semantic network (among players) to improve the outcome of any project or program. He uses any-and-all possible tools and techniques collaboratively. He shares his experience in project management enlightened by Agile mindset to help reinforce the “Weakest Links” in any project that crosses human, organizational, and geographical boundaries.


  • Bird-view of Project Restraints
  • Applicable Agile Project Settings
  • Mix-n-Match to Succeed
  • Fostering Teams to Sustain
  • Forming Your Ways of Acts
  • Building Our Community One Break At A Time!

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Presenter Biography:

David Bakhtnia has a BSEE and MS in Engineering Management with over 30 years of experience in developing and leading technology products and teams. He has served over 400 clients, built cross-functional teams delivering over 20 complex products and programs. He is currently an Agile coach, a technical management consultant, an instructor of project management and Agile courses at the Silicon Valley campus of UCSC and Northeastern University.

David is also a servant leader, volunteering at many technical and professional organizations, He helps clients to build their sustainable working environments by using a hybrid of applicable techniques and tools! David and a team of volunteers are currently establishing a global Agile and Scaled-Value Project Management community. ASVPM.org is a nonprofit organization of skillful PM talents using Agile mindset to build a global village of Agile project managers.