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Michael Fischer

Fischer Consulting

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763 E. Charleston Road
Palo Alto CA, 94303
Work Phone: (650) 855-9816
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Certified Professional Consultant

Electronics Design and Problem Solving
Designs that work reliably, on schedule, in budget.

EXPERTISE: Electronic Systems Architecture, Board-level Design & Implementation of hardware.

Fischer Consulting has over 25 years of experience in electronics engineering covering instrumentation, consumer, industrial, electro-optical, data storage, telecommunications, navigation and frequency control.

System Architecture, circuit development and board-level hardware design and analysis in the areas of:

Analog, Mixed Signal, Audio, Video
RF, Microwave and Electro-Optical
Telecommunications, Radionavigation, GPS
Spread Spectrum, Pseudorandom Codes
Phase Noise and Jitter Control
Timing, Synchronization, Clock Recovery
Low Noise, High Speed, Broadband
Wireless, Modulation, Demodulation

While maximizing product profitability by involving us early to help optimize the system architecture and component choice is best, we also solve problems that arise in manufacturing and customer usage.

Michael Fischer

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