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David M. Butler

Limit Point Systems, Inc.

1274 Concannon Blvd.
Livermore CA, 94550
Work Phone: 925-243-889
Fax: 925-243-8894
Certified Professional Consultant

Systems for processing scientific data
We specialize in integrating "scientific computing" into industrial and enterprise work flows. Numerical simulation, large-scale experimental or observational data analysis, and other mathematics based processing are increasingly critical to many industrial and commercial organizations. But integrating scientific data and computing into organizational work flows carries unique difficulties: experts in scientific computing aren't familiar with IT system design and IT experts aren't familiar with the special requirements of mathematical and scientific data. Limit Point Systems bridges this gap. We couple scientific training with over 25 years of experience in systems design and implementation.

We design and implement systems integrating scientific computing with:

data management
3D graphics and animation
user interface
data, product, and process visualization
object-oriented analysis and design

We have experience in a wide range of industries, including:

oil exploration and production
medical imaging

Let us help you develop easy to use, productive, and well integrated systems for processing scientific data. For more information call, e-mail, or visit our web site.

David M. Butler

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