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Featured Embedded and Electronic Design Engineer: Aaron Needles

Aaron Needles

Aaron Needles is an engineering consultant specializing in the design of embedded software and hardware. He has over 25 years of experience developing hand-held devices, networking switches, robotic manipulator and vehicle controls, motor controls and distributed control systems for his clients. Recent projects include a Bluetooth-enabled device for breath analysis, a Gamma-ray probe for Potassium […]

David Vieira: Analog, Mixed-Signal, & RF Expert — Newly Elected PATCA Board Member

David Vieira

Newly elected to the PATCA Board of Directors, David Vieira is an analog/mixed-signal/RF design engineering consultant. His company Vieira High Frequency specializes in analog semiconductors and RF/wireless electronics. He has experience with a variety of transceiver solutions in a range of frequencies and standards, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BTLE, RFID/NFC, Industrial-Scientific-Medical (ISM), and other frequency bands.  Located […]

An Overview of Reliability

Reliability BathTub Curve

Abstract An overview of reliability engineering is presented here to serve as an introductory piece for some, or perhaps as a refresher. Much of the discussion here is general in coverage, and may suggest topics for further investigation. The perspective here is at the electronic product or module level, which typically includes printed circuit board […]

January 2017 – Featured Consultant: Keith Riordan

Keith Riordan

Keith Riordan is currently PATCA’s Secretary and Vice President of Engineering at Sector Technology, a product development firm. Sector Technology’s major focus is on developing medical devices for startup companies. Most lately have included wireless capability, usually Bluetooth but also Wi-Fi and RFID. Challenges arise when multiple wireless devices must function on the same board […]

December 2016 – Featured Consultant: Perry West

Perry West

Perry West is President of Automated Vision Systems and long-time PATCA member. Automated Vision Systems specializes in machine vision, image processing and optical system design. Typical clients are OEMs and System Integrators of equipment needing machine vision or imaging technology. A recent project was for two semiconductor-processing pieces of equipment. Perry designed the imaging systems, […]

April 2016 – Featured Consultant: Robert Lamkin

Robert Lamkin

Featured Consultant Robert Lamkin, Certified Professional Consultant Robert Lamkin is President of Trailblazer Design LLC. Robert is a member of the PATCA Board of Directors. Trailblazer Design provides custom electronic product development services. Available services are product definition, electronic system design, custom electronic hardware design, circuit modeling, printed circuit board development, embedded software, firmware, design […]

4 Hard Truths About Your Marketing Strategy

4 Hard Truths About Your Marketing Strategy

Regardless of what form your firm’s marketing takes–be it through face-to-face contacts, on-line, or a combination…(Join Bruce La Fetra leading PATCA in “Take Back Your Market From Creeping Commodization” Thursday 3/10/16 6PM Meetup ) of the two–much of the time, money and other resources firms put into their marketing creates little or no benefit in the form of additional […]

Take Back your Market from Creeping Commodization

Join PATCA consultant Bruce La Fetra for “Take Back your Market from Creeping Commodization” Thursday March 11, 2016 6:00 PMSpeaker Bruce La Fetra of La Fetra Consulting will share his insights and expertise regarding this topic. Bruce La Fetra’s credentials include degrees from Claremont McKenna College (Economics, Cum Laude) and The Amos Tuck School of Business […]