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Advising military institute for adopting digital technology

My client is an international military school needing to implement technology to improve and deliver technical education training programs. My recommendations include implementation of LMS and state-of-the-art curriculum to enhance their current program offer. They also need to train and certify their faculty in the use and new teaching and learning technologies.

Handling Late Paying Clients

Leonard Sklar, author of the book, “The Check Is NOT In The Mail” covers how to get paid more readily in full, on time, at less cost, with less stress, and without losing good customers and clients. Len has spoken on this topic in over 200 cities in all 50 states. Two key points he […]

Carl Angotti on Strategies for Pricing Consulting Services

The Freelancer Generation: Why Startups And Enterprises Need To Pay Attention

Carl Angotti on Strategies for Pricing Consulting Services Direct link to download “How to Decide How Much to Charge for Your Services” Key approaches – High Level Summary Use the 1000 invoiced hours rule – To reach a desire target income, assume you can invoice 1000 out of the available 2000 working hours there […]

How To Decide How Much To Charge For Your Services

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How To Decide How Much To Charge For Your Services By Carl Angotti, Sr. PATCA Certified Consultant 4/10/18 This article is based on my years of working on the New Consultants Roundtable, and what I have heard from others regarding how to set the price you can charge for your services. If you are a […]

Advanced Development Tools for Software Development Consultants

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This article discusses selecting and configuring a flexible and effective development system which supports overlapping independent software development projects. A thriving software consultancy must be capable of supporting multiple clients over a given period of time. While separate computer systems can be used for each client project, in most cases this is an unnecessary capital […]

How PATCA Consultants Win With Video


by Paul Scott Information Research and Technical Writing (650) 400-5667 Video is the coming thing in web marketing, for solid, practical reasons. It helps with SEO: putting video on your site raises your Google page rank. Video helps you with the “know, like, trust” factors that are especially critical for consultants. A video can […]

Financial and Budget Planning for Independent Consultants

Slides are available from the panel on “Financial and Budget Planning for Independent Consultants”.  We looked at four different time frames that consultants may plan for: Managing cash flow on a project basis around the prospect-proposal-SOW-deliver-bill-paid (this may be 3 months to a year) Having an annual plan for the business A 3-5 year financial […]

Finding Financial Health in the Gig Economy

Finding financial health in the gig economy

So, you’re cruising down the highway with your latest fare, making money whenever you choose to turn on your engine. But that 1099 economy you’re so fond of should come with a warning: Steep Drop-off Ahead. Why? Because with the gig economy comes an entire set of income volatility issues — and if you’re not […]