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Entrepreneurs: Am I Making A Fool Of Myself?

Am I Making A Fool Of Myself? Written by Sean Murphy. Posted in 1 Idea Stage, 2 Open for Business Stage, 3 Early Customer Stage, checklist, Rules of Thumb, skmurphy One of the most common questions I hear in conversations with entrepreneurs at Bootstrapper Breakfasts, in Office Hours calls, with clients–and not infrequently from myself when […]

21 Keys To Maximize Your Website In 2016

21 Keys To Maximizing Your Site’s Visibility In 2016

21 keys to improve search rankings in 2016 Twenty years ago, the fact that you had a website was enough. People would come for the novelty. Ten years ago, it became tougher to attract visitors. But it was still easy if you knew how to build a mass of incoming links. Today, competition for visibility […]

11 Tips for New Consultants

After releasing a few big products last week, we’re back to regularly-scheduled programming. This week, we’ll focus on the consulting lifestyle . Today’s post is on practical tips to being successful as a new consultant. A former manager once said to me, “do well in your first project, and you can write your own ticket […]

How Consultants Interview Clients: Tips

How consultants interview clients

Interview notes This week my team interviewed more than 20 people, everyone from VPs down to the analysts and clerks. The interviews were a gold mine of insights – especially since we were still in the early days of the project and collecting data. My throat was killing me, but these interviews helped us get […]

Freelance Engineer Marketplace Now Sells Designers

Massive Freelance Engineer Marketplace Toptal Now Sells Designers

Software is eating the world, but who’s setting the table? Engineers, and everyone needs them. But companies that hire freelance programmers are realizing an ugly product is as broken as buggy code. The talent crunch around engineers has now spawned a parallel desperation for designers. Toptal wants to answer that call by routing designers with […]

Candid answers to CAN-SPAM questions

The classic 40s movie An Email to Three Wives , the R&B hit Take an Email, Maria , and C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Emails . The titles would have been different if they had been written recently. Email is an essential part of most companies’ marketing strategy. If you send commercial email – or have […]

A Priority Inbox For Your Phone’s Notifications

Snowball Debuts A “Priority Inbox” For Your Phone’s Notifications

With a growing number of mobile applications available to download, and only a handful that see regular usage , push notifications have become one of the only ways for developers to grab users’ attention in order to get them to re-open their app and re-engage with their content. Unfortunately for app users, that means we’re […]

Don’t let crowdfunding be your “doom”

Thinking about crowdfunding to raise money for your latest project? If so, you’ll want to pay attention to the FTC’s first crowdfunding case . The lesson: If you launch a crowdfunding campaign, keep your promises. The FTC just settled a case against the creator of a crowdfunding project who did not keep his promises. According […]

6 Easy Steps to a Simple Practical Business Plan

So you wonder whether you want a business plan for your business. You’ve heard that business plans are about raising money, perhaps, and it sounds like it might be hard to do. You don’t have that MBA degree or CPA certification. So thank goodness, you don’t need it. What a relief. Here’s my suggestion: Take […]

25 More Ways to Save on Small Business Travel

25 More Ways to Save on Small Business Travel

travel planning Earlier this year, Small Business Trends published a report on the 25 best ways for small business travelers to save money on the road. Then recently, SurePayroll offered an invitation to provide a few questions to the company’s monthly SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard . The questions were posed to small business owners and […]