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Name:     Ann Tisue
Phone:     970 245-5681
Address:     335 Quail Dr.
City, State, Zip:     Grand Junction, CO, 81507
Project Name:     Expert Witness Work
Expertise:     Expert Witness
Description:     Description of Project

Expert Witness
Case involves alleged contact by Facebook app from a person who is the restrained individual in a protection order for a criminal case. The consultant needs knowledge of Facebook including dating app and ability to hack or take over an existing account including if there is access to password. Also interested in global IP address as positive proof of source of alleged like.

Allegation an “like” was sent from the defendant through a Facebook dating app. Evidence from the court shows pictures associated with the like.

Defendant blocks subject of protection order on Facebook. Defendant lost control of his Facebook account prior to this incident. Subsequently, defendant's sister has disclosed that the ex-girlfriend had password knowledge to his Facebook accounts. Defendant has screenshot documenting use of new Facebook account showing date in which he had lost control and moved to another Facebook name. There is also screenshot of a text from a friend commenting on activity on the account for which he had lost control. A further screenshot picture shows the dating app picture which would have accompanied a “like” which would have been sent if source was from the newer account. This picture is in the woods, not indoors as in the police evidence picture.

There are separate arguments for innocence for which expert testimony might be needed: a.) the possibility of accidentally brushing a check mark, e.g. similar to “butt dial”, b.) ability of anyone, especially one with access to pictures, to start fake account and perform a “like.” Being able to gain the information on a global IP address would cut through all arguments and could definitively prove innocence if source was a fake or externally controlled account.

Name:     3
Date:     October 29, 2021