Project Info

Name:     Sara Adelman
Phone:     8189608097
Company:     Seed Global Health
Address:     20 Ashburton Pl
City, State, Zip:     Boston
Project Name:     Technology Consultanting
Expertise:     Information Technology
Description:     Seed is seeking a consultant or firm to evaluate the organization’s current technology infrastructure, identify gaps and needs, and advise on integrating technology solutions. The scope of the consultancy is in 3 interconnected parts:
• Intranet Development Technology Assessment and Support
• Intranet Development
• Technology Training


Demonstrated expertise and experience supporting technology solutions for companies and organizations, from design to roll-out and including training programs for staff with varying technology capacities
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills needed to conduct assessments and provide sound recommendations and guidance
Expertise in user design and experience
Strong communication, facilitation and collaboration skills needed interact with staff and partners throughout the organization
Extensive technical knowledge of technology platforms and familiarity with integrations across a variety of platforms and tools, e.g. Google Workspace, Slack,
Demonstrated experience engaging with international non-profit organizations and working across various countries, cultures and limited internet bandwidth settings (ideally in international development or global health sector)
Solid understanding of knowledge management processes and practices and its link to information and technology infrastructure
Demonstrated experience in intranet design and development, or experience in management of website/intranet development

Other Info:     Consultant Scope of Work
Part 1: Intranet Development Technology Assessment and Support
Evaluate the inventory of existing technology platforms and services used at Seed
Assess staff’s technology capabilities and expertise
Identify Seed’s technology gaps and needs across various functional areas (i.e. day-to-day communication, project management (planning/tracking), budgeting)
Advise on the best tools and services for functional areas, provide recommendations and specifications
Help optimize the utilization and integration of existing systems (Note: Seed currently has nonprofit licenses for both Google Workspace and MS365, and would like to build off of one of these platforms if possible)
Support Seed in implementing and integrating new technologies and/or improving existing technologies
Lead the conceptual design of a Seed intranet:
Facilitate user experience sessions on intranet design
Coordinate the creation of a visual design and the intranet site navigation (information architecture)
Provide guidance on timeline and rollout of technology solutions and intranet platform

Part 2: Intranet Development
Build Seed’s intranet platform, tentatively called “One Seed”
Provide schedule and references materials for any necessary ongoing maintenance on the intranet platform
Support potential integration and brand alignment with Seed’s external website

Part 3: Technology Training
Provide training or recommend a training curriculum for all Seed staff on efficient and effective methodologies and use of Seed’s platforms including associated applications
Develop reference materials for Seed to utilize for ongoing guidance for staff
Provide in-depth training to key staff to monitor and manage the intranet platform and explore key site analytics

Name:     3
Date:     March 18, 2021