Project Info

Name:     John Westmoreland
Phone:     408-772-6237
Company:     Westmoreland Engineering
Address:     P.O. Box 730098
City, State, Zip:     San Jose, CA 95173-0098
Project Name:     Looking For Structural Engineer For Commercial Building Load Calculations - P.E. Required
Expertise:     Other
Description:     Hello,
I wanted to ask this group first - I am helping a colleague locate a structural engineer to do load calculations on a commercial building - I realize this group may not have any licensed structural engineers - but I wanted to ask this group first JIC.
Thanks In Advance,
John Westmoreland, P.E. (Electrical)

Other Info:     Starts ASAP.
Short term project.
Local to San Jose Area.
Commercial Building(s).

Date:     October 1, 2020