Project Info

Name:     Walt Maclay
Phone:     4082459844
Company:     Voler Systems
Address:     1021 S Wolfe Rd
City, State, Zip:     Sunnyvale
Project Name:     Test Engineer
Expertise:     Don't Know/Not Sure
Description:     Needed to work on electrical characterization of a revision to a product. The product has a part that is implanted and a part that is not implanted.
5+ years of experience Is required.
Significant experience with analog and digital test and measurement is highly desired.
Good working knowledge of oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, and other measurement devices is required.
Excellent ability to document test conditions, procedures, and results is required.
Ability to recognize deviations from expected outputs is required.
Familiarity with medical device verification processes ISO13485 is required.
Ability to work in a team environment with frequent interactions is highly desired.
Self-motivation and clear communication is required.

Other Info:     Starts in a few weeks.
Occasional travel to the Bay Area may be needed.

Date:     September 24, 2020