Project Info

Name:     Perry Mistry
Phone:     6692633795
Company:     Perry Mistry & Associates
Address:     White Road & Tully
City, State, Zip:     San Jose, California. 95148
Project Name:     High Rise Towers Elevators Services
Expertise:     Electrical Engineering
Description:     San Jose/DownTown San Jose by Mid 2021 / Twenty New High Rise Towers are coming into Markets.
The Twenty Towers Has Total 40 Towersx5= 200 New High Rise Elevators will come into Market.
High Rise Tower Elevators has several Emergency Calls For Elevator Entrapments
The Elevators Installation & Annual Maintenance & Emergency Call Services are Important.
Requesting Solutions to High Rise Towers Services :
Other Info:     Projects Starts Date. / Q3 2020 to Q3 2021!
Having an On Call office in Down Town San Jose preferred .
Date:     August 3, 2020