Project Info

Name:     Richard Clark
Phone:     772-291-2311
Company:     Carlton National Resources
Address:     107 Audubon Road
City, State, Zip:     Boston, MA 02210
Project Name:     Embedded Firmware
Expertise:     Software / Firmware
Description:     Location-Bay Area
LOA-18 months

Full life cycle engineer – needs to be good communicator
Embedded firmware
PIC or STMicro or has a wide range of microprocessor experience (they are migrating from PIC to STMicro)

Do-178 or Do-254 – either is really good to have but not required
Matlab – would like the k to have this but can live without it if they have some other skills

Day to day duties –
They have a big code base for core functionality and 95% of they are doing on it is peripheral interfaces. Consultant will need to work with system designers in hw and mechanical eng to interpret the requirements and then
implement new designs on HW they have and haven’t used and there will be acceptance testing as well
- DOD early prototype for battery management system (BMS) application

Date:     December 18, 2019