Project Info

Name:     Walt Maclay
Phone:     408-245-9844 ext 101
Company:     Voler Systems
Address:     1021 S. Wolfe Rd, Suite 285
City, State, Zip:     Sunnyvale
Project Name:     C# programming
Expertise:     Software / Firmware
Description:     I have a customer who needs a C# consultant who can write code and run verification tests on devices and/or equipment.  The person should be a thoughtful, diligent, and analytical software engineer who likes doing verification work.  The person should be able to think of interesting cases, corner conditions, boundaries and write a test to check them.

Other Info:     Some on-site work in the Redwood City area is required, but the majority can be done off-site.  The engagement is expected to last 6 to 9 months while an employee is out. The work will start very soon.
Date:     January 15, 2019