Project Info

Name:     Andy Gibbs
Phone:     5302005511
Company:     Rhythm, Inc.
Address:     1822 E. Innovation Park Dr.
City, State, Zip:     Oro Valley, AZ 85755
Project Name:     Motion Capture
Expertise:     Requires Multiple Disciplines
Description:     MOTION CAPTURE / DATA ANALYTICS / WEARABLES: Rhythm Bioscience, Inc. is looking for multidisciplined expert(s) in motion capture and data analysis of motion, with correlation to wearable data streams.

FOR EXAMPLE, an athlete wearing a fitbit will generate a particular data stream via accelerometers / magnetometers. At the same time, video motion capture (ie: X-Box Kinect) would generate data related to the corresponding physical arm / leg / torso movements. The project would then correlate the fitbit "signature" to that particular set of movements. Thereafter, a DIFFERENT athlete generating a similar data stream from the FitBit would predictively be duplicating the same arm / leg / torso movements as the baseline model athlete.
Other Info:     All project time, date, duration, etc. subject to discussion. The company is located in Tucson. Consultant may use their own lab to generate the motion capture data and wearables signatures for out use, and/or assist Rhythm in setting up a lab in Tucson whereby the company could perform its onw onwoind video capture / tests and analytics.
Date:     October 22, 2018