Project Info

Name:     Janice Huang
Phone:     4086881707
City, State, Zip:     Mountain View, CA / Santa Clara, CA
Project Name:     High Voltage System Electrical Engineer
Expertise:     Don't Know/Not Sure
Description:     The work is to complete an existing functional prototype to comply with the medical safety standards. We have support of industrial mechanical designers. The goal is to complete this within one month in the lab and including 10 times testing within 2-4 hours each time on campus for a total budget of $20,000.
• The job will start immediately once being accepted
• NDA signature is required before on-site evaluation
• The work is performed at a location of Mountain View, CA
• Work permit is required and open for local profession only
Skills Required for this and a longer term relationship:
• Developing and monitoring the several thousands high-voltage electrical engineering design with best practices for medical device equipment
• Hands-on designing electronic medical devices, including schematics capture, PCB layout or physical design, testing, debugging/troubleshooting to the component level.
• Proficient at using the measurement tools for getting the testing results accurately and have ability to sort out any issues with substantial improving factors within schedule
• Technical Contributor to new product design and legacy product support
• Hardware and software experience in embedded processor systems, digital design, analog design, high-voltage design, mixed-signal design, programmable logic, schematic capture, PCB layout, component selection, troubleshooting to the component level, vendor management, regulatory testing support, and verification and validation activities.
• Design methodology and perform data collection in predicate devices
• Familiar with embedded firmware and software to define logic or control functions
• Design systems, capture schematics, layout PCB's, build and test prototypes
• Build, test and validate products to the latest IEC 60601 standards
• Write and review electrical engineering documentation and work instructions in details
• Develop technical solutions to achieve requirements to ISO13485 standards and comfortable with product development under a medical quality system
• Drive electrical engineering design standards and best practices
• Manage prototype schedules and deadlines

Other Info:     Start date: start immediately once being accepted
Contract length: 1-1.5 months
• At least 5 years High Voltage Electrical Engineering experience, with a license is a plus
• At least 5 years Medical Device Equipment experience
• EE degree with Master degree or higher is preferred
• Open to local people near Mountain View, CA
Date:     October 18, 2018