Project Info

Name:     Kurt Aronow
Phone:     303-859-7353
Company:     Redgarden Engineering LLC
Address:     5171 Eldorado Springs Dr, Suite G
City, State, Zip:     Boulder
Project Name:     Controller Board FPGAs
Expertise:     Software / Firmware
Description:     Board involves several Xilinx FPGAs for which Verilog code & constraints are needed; Xilinx's Vivado software will be used. Familiarity with SPI protocol, ADCs, DACs, 8b/10b serial transfer, LVDS, PCIe, etcetera, would be very helpful. You must have experience working with FPGAs at a professional level.
Other Info:     This is a contract position, and you can work remotely from within the U.S. You must have legal permission to work in the U.S. You may have to occasionally visit the client in Colorado. We are a consulting engineering company in Colorado, and the FPGA design is only a piece of this project. The project will probably last over a year (but not full-time). The pay is between $65 and $80/hour depending on experience. You must provide your own Windows-based computer including MS Office, Internet connection, etcetera.
Strongly Desirable:
* Self-motivated, get-things-done attitude
* Ability to work independently
* Strongly motivated to provide high quality in engineering work
* Positive, enthusiastic outlook on work (and life)
* Bachelor’s degree (in engineering or science) is a minimum; Master's degree is great.

Date:     September 14, 2018