Project Info

Name:     Sterling Cooley
Phone:     (510) 470-6138
Company:     Accelr8.Co
City, State, Zip:     Palo Alto, CA
Project Name:     Project Lead for Brain Stimulation Technology in Consciousness Hacking Field
Expertise:     Don't Know/Not Sure
Description:     [Job]
We are looking for a Project Manager to lead a small, but tight-knit team of developers in Palo Alto.
We have found a way to stimulate the brain to produce nearly instant "mindfulness"
What does that mean?
Well, it means, no more self-doubt, no more ruminating, no more songs stuck in your head, no more endless thoughts.

It's a bit like a 10-day meditation retreat, but a session lasts for less time that it would take you to finish off a thing of ice cream once you got home from work... lol

Anyways, we're backed by Harvard and Stanford neuroscientists and already have working technology, it's just very large, and not portable.
So experience in taking large equipment and making it smaller and more portable would be AWESOME!

Also, the technology is always made available to employees. So our team is pretty much as mentally upgraded as you can get.

I wouldn't say we've reached enlightenment, but we've certainly noticed a marked improvement in performance, empathy, wakefulness, and our sleep is lit AF ???

We are a diverse team of men, women, and are a discrimination free environment, so we accept all flavors and personality types.

We are big believers in using personality assessments to ensure you are using your "Best Self" and putting your strengths forward, to pair you with another who balances our the weaknesses (nobody is perfect, and we all play to our strengths.)

You can apply on our website at

Be warned, this Project Lead position is for our Research and Development division, and has nothing to do with our publicly facing company, which provides management consulting only to large corporations, like Google, Facebook, Apple, Oracle, you name it, we are being consulted with.

Please have experience as a manager in a startup environment, thank you!
Date:     July 31, 2018