Project Info

Name:     Andy Gibbs
Phone:     530-200-5511
Company:     Rhythm, Inc
Address:     1822 E. Innovation Park Dr.
City, State, Zip:     AZ
Project Name:     Wearable Motion Detect Dog Collar
Expertise:     Electrical Engineering
Description:     EE, firmware, breadboarding through PCB production hand-off.

High sensitivity wearable sensors / motion tracking dog collar: 6-axis and 9-axis sensors and Bluetooth modules and RFID.

Must be familiar with Latest Best Practices for cost/performance component selection, requirements of multi-axis sensor modules, temp. on board data storage, battery life optimization, antenna optimization, data off loading via Bluetooth modules, selection of components for rapid FCC certification, and efficient, high density PCB design for minimum package size (or have PCB relationships). This is one of a few different IoT devices that will need to communicate with smartphone and a WIFI bridge.

We have additional devices identified in our product road map, so future development contracts would be possible.

Please send a brief response with your expertise and interest. We are finalizing a functional specification now that we will send to you for providing a development quotation.

Start date: est Sep 1. Duration: maybe 6 months or a little longer. Little travel (if any) will be required.

You will be working with out cloud back end developers and system architect to be sure that all independently developed devices talk to the same back end.

If you can handle one portion, and have colleagues to handle other portions, OK.

The device is patented, and has additional patents pending. Contractor will have to sign a standard NDA and invention assignment agreement for any innovations that result during development.
Date:     July 19, 2018