Project Info

Name:     Lou Cartalano
Phone:     6509645603
Address:     750 Sunshine Drive
City, State, Zip:     Loa Altos
Project Name:     Update a 3-page Fillable Form
Expertise:     Software / Firmware

Project Description
Update the current three-page PDF form, adding more multiple choices and longer text-entry fields, and adding that it can be saved and emailed as filled-in.

Description of the Update
- The updated version should have:
- all the features of the current version including:
- more multiple choices which the user can check
- longer fields, where the user can enter alpha/numeric text
- the added capability to save and email the filled-in form

- Not required is the capability to upload the filled-in form, but the design should address how that can be added later, and should indicate if/how that impacts cost.

- A complete description of the update is available. (The file doesn't copy well into the space provided on the PATCA website.)

Current Version of the Form
- The current version can be downloaded or emailed, then filled-in by recipient on a PC or Mac using only a free application (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader that may have to be downloaded by recipient).

- The current version of the blank form can be saved and printed, and the filled-in form can be printed. But the filled-in form cannot be saved, emailed or uploaded.

Description of the Application
- The form is used by neighbors in the City of Los Altos who wish to register with their neighborhood Block Action Team (BAT). Each BAT organizes neighbors to be prepared for disasters; to assess conditions of their neighborhood after a major disaster; and to report status to first responders.

- The current version illustrates the application and provides a good example of the scope of this project. It can be downloaded from:

The Client
The client, Los Altos PREPARES, is a City emergency volunteer program sponsored by the Los Altos Community Foundation. (

Required Experience
We assume Acrobat ProDC is the appropriate software platform for this project, but we're open to considering other approaches. Consultant should be well versed with the tool they intend to use and experienced with creating fillable document files similar to ours.

We are prepared to proceed.

Contact For More Information
email: Lou Cartalano:

Date:     July 9, 2018