Project Info

Name:     Walter Maclay
Phone:     4082459844
Company:     Voler Systems
Address:     1021 S. Wolfe Rd, Suite 285
City, State, Zip:     Sunnyvale
Project Name:     Xilinx Vivado
Expertise:     Software / Firmware
Description:     I am looking for someone experienced with Xilinx Vivado.  This is not an immediate need, so please respond, even if you are busy now.  I need to know that I have someone I can call on when the need arises soon.

The work will be on a large medical device system that has FPGAs and many other parts.

This is likely to be periodic work over many months or years, but much less than full time.  There may be periods of full time work.
Date:     May 11, 2018