Project Info

Name:     Wickert Beasley
Phone:     415-604-7234
Company:     30 Mason Street Owner's Association
Address:     30 mason st #504
City, State, Zip:     San Francisco, CA 94102
Project Name:     Wireless Fan Motor Control system
Expertise:     Electrical Engineering
Description:     This wireless or WIFI system could be controlled by an Arduino or other PLC.

The wireless system needs to be 2-way because we want to put a sensor on the motor shaft to indicate that the fan is turning.
I was thinking of using a hall effect switch or a proximity sensor because it would be easy to add a magnet or small metal pin or something to the shaft so we can detect if it's turning. Actually, there will be TWO sensors because there are two fans, however we do not control the other fan, we only indicate if it is turning.

We will use an inductive current switch to determine when we want to run the fan. Also there needs to be a timer so the fan runs for maybe 5 minutes after the current in the dryer outlet is off. This sounds to me like a perfect application for an Arduino or Raspberry PI.

There will be two LED lights to indicate if the fans are turning, so maybe we could take the signal from the hall effect switch and make it longer so it is more visible.

The wireless signal will be broadcast inside an air duct made of sheet metal.

i am available to discuss this project in more detail.

Other Info:     Please provide a written quote for labor and materials and break your quote into separate stages, the first being the prototype for testing.
There will be a total of FIVE of these systems, which we will install.
Date:     May 9, 2018