Project Info

Name:     Darius Przygoda
Phone:     6502248992
Company:     Medical Design Solutions
Address:     1525 McCarthy Blvd
City, State, Zip:     Milpitas
Project Name:     Modification of existing microcontroller code
Expertise:     Electrical Engineering
Description:     Modification of existing microcontroller code (to real time control part) to fit new tasks into existing task loop.
Microntroller: Microchip dsPIC33EP family.
Language: C
1. programming low level firmware (implies knowledge about hardware, ability to use oscilloscope and interpret signals).
2. (desired) knowledge about switching medium currents & system noise immunity.
Other Info:     Starts: immediately
Estimated contract length: 2-3 weeks
Certain phases of the projects require working in the lab in Milpitas.
Date:     April 5, 2018