Project Info

Name:     bruce kamolnick
Phone:     8314212603
Company:     the jupiter research foundation
Address:     350 2nd street, suite 6
City, State, Zip:     Los Altos
Project Name:     Design a 10-Watt linear power amplifier
Expertise:     Electrical Engineering
Description:     DESCRIPTION
• Deliver a prototype, tested and integrated linear HF power amplifier that meets the following:
o 100-200mW input, 10-Watt output
o Linear frequency response in amateur radio bands between 1.8 and 30 MHz
o Must meet all FCC emission requirements
o This is not a stand-alone amplifier, but will be integrated with a preexisting transceiver system
o The design will include all filter and band switching technology
o The amplifier will be designed to operate efficiently with modern battery technologies
• Work closely with software team to develop embedded systems for control
• Provide documentation, test protocol, QA, and product engineering guidance to the team

• Must have a broad general familiarity with electronics and radio communications systems, specifically HF radio, associated sub-systems, antennas, transmission lines.
• Experience and proficiency with schematic capture and PCB layout tools, (AutoCAD Eagle preferred).
• Must have circuit design experience including power amplifiers, exciters, modulators, filters, power supply systems.
• Must have a demonstrated track record of completed HF amplifier design projects and/or products.
• Experience generating system designs/documentation and subsequent detailed designs.
Other Info:     Start immediately, 1099 position, likely 3 - 6 month project, full-time position possible to follow
Date:     February 13, 2018