Project Info

Name:     Roger Hu
Phone:     4084280101
Company:     SunMan Engineering, Inc.
Address:     2635 N. 1st Street, Suite 205
City, State, Zip:     San Jose
Project Name:     Air Conditioner Digital Controller
Expertise:     Software / Firmware
Description:     This is Roger Hu from SunMan Engineering, Inc. We are looking for a firmware/software engineer.

The project call out direct embedded firmware experience on:

-Air Conditioner Digital Controller. To control compressor, fan, and defroster
-7-Segment faceplate control
-RS485 for Modbus RTU serial communication
-Ethernet for Modbus TCP function (future expansion)
-ICSP port for firmware development, setup, and upgrade
-Analog inputs (temperature probes)/digital inputs (door switch) processing
-Microchip MCU development and programming, especially PIC32MX675 MCU board
-Microchip MPLAB Harmony integrated software framework development platform
-Microchip In-Circuit Debugger ICD3
-C/C++ programming

Firmware is well developed; we need add functions into the existing code.

If you are interested, please forward your resume, website link, and past work experience to me, I will send to my manager, Allen.



Date:     January 3, 2018