Project Info

Name:     Yana DeMyer
Phone:     9206212163
Company:     Roving Blue, inc
City, State, Zip:     Wisconin
Project Name:     R.P. user interface functionality work.
Expertise:     Don't Know/Not Sure
Description:     Our main electrical engineer has fallen ill and can't complete his project. It is a user interface that was built in the xojo environment. Need a raspbian who can either use xojo or switch to a more familiar environment. If you contact me I can send you a short video of what has been done so far so that you can see how the user interface works thank you very much for considering our project we are on a tight timeline
Other Info:     The pie does control a water pump it takes in information from a flow sensor, and we would like to be able to log how much water has been produced in a portable water purification system so that the user knows when to change the filters. I can provide all Graphics needed. We need a way to load it the program onto the Raspberry Pi so that it loads when the pi turns on. If you can help me I can guarantee a future stream of solid work thank you
Date:     December 19, 2017