Project Info

Name:     Ed Schultheis
Phone:     650-400-2498
Company:     Schultek Engineering & Technology, Inc.
Address:     2170 Allen Drive
City, State, Zip:     Auburn
Project Name:     Tire Lifting Tongs - assembly line for large trucks
Expertise:     Mechanical Engineering
Description:     Finite Element Analysis (only) needed for mechanical stresses in lifting tong parts >>>
The end user/customer is Kenworth Truck Company. They will use this assembly on their production line to lift tires/wheels. I am working with my client to design, analyse and PE stamp the new finished design. I will need help from a skilled FEA person to take the design, perform FEA per recommendations and then return the results in an acceptable format for review and approval. I have more info, once an NDA is signed.

Please contact me by email first, if interested.



Other Info:     If this project goes well, there will likely be numerous continued small projects to follow from the same end client. This project would start as soon as Kenworth approves the proposal and issues a PO for the project. This somewhat small project would probably start in couple of weeks, with duration over about 1 week period, with intermittent FEA needed.
Date:     July 24, 2017