Project Info

Name:     Al Toothaker
Phone:     408-213-3033
Company:     Xicom Technology
Address:     3550 Bassett St.
City, State, Zip:     Santa Clara, CA 95006
Project Name:     Fungus Analysis
Expertise:     Biosciences
Description:     Ability to determine the likelihood that a material will support the growth of fungus while in a warm and humid environment. My design of electronic equipment must not have materials known to be fungus nutritive. If materials are known inert, OK. if they are known to be nutritive, I must treat them so as not to be nutritive. There will be some unknowns that will need the 28 day test to see if fungus grows. The test is after the list of unknowns is defined.
Other Info:     Need to start the project very quickly and identify problem materials, or those that need test.
Date:     May 1, 2017