Project Info

Name:     Ed Schultheis, P.E.
Phone:     650-400-2498
Company:     Schultek Engineering & Technology, Inc.
Address:     2170 Allen Drive
City, State, Zip:     Auburn
Project Name:     Mechanical product for toilet tanks - cosmetic & utility innovations
Expertise:     Legal
Description:     Patent Attorney needed >> I have a current client who is looking for a good patent attorney for his new product that I am developing. This is a new innovative product used to improve the plumbing inside of residential and commercial toilet tanks. This innovation would be employed at the time of manufacture (of the toilet tank). This innovation includes both design and utility claims.
Other Info:     I am already working on the design of this product. We have a very good working relationship. The client has been very easy to work with, pays promptly and is financially able to follow through on this project. The client is very motivated to get this product legally protected with a patent/s (as required) and on the market. The product technology will likely be licensed to one or more of the major company that manufacture this sort of equipment. I am collecting names of one or more interested patent attorneys so that I can promptly put you in contact with my client.
Date:     April 27, 2017